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Is The Platform Already Developed?

Yes. We have been working on Streemie for over 8 months. Alot of money, time and energy has been invested to get us to the position we are now.

Do you provide all necessary features?

Yes. We understand to be compeititive in the video media space, we need to provide all the features users are accustomed to.

I own a Business, can I run Ads?

Yes. Unlike other similar video platforms with blockchain technology, we have built a complete Advertising manager with multiple ad options called Streemie Ads.

What is a Token Sale

A token sale is the intial coin offering phase where a limited supply of premined tokens are available to purchase. All remaining cyrptocurrency coins will need to be mined.

How do I participate in the Token Sale?

All that is required of you is to wait and not to miss the buying stages. Simply register and follow the instructions. Once up to speed you can purchase STRM inside your dashboard.

How long will the crowdsale run for?

Our Crowdsale is run over 30 days with 3 individuals rounds with each round lasting for 10 days.

Why the token will exist?

Streem was created as a way for content creators and their viewership to earn rewards based on video performance and engagement levels and will serve as main currency of the platform.

Who is involved in the development?

The project is developed by the Co-Founders and their development company Revolucion One. Revolucion One is a digital and Web Agency owned and managed by Beau Buckley.

For what currency can I buy your tokens?

STRM Tokens are available to purchase with Ethereum and Bitcoin. You will need an Ethereum or Bitcoin Wallet to send payment. Exchange Wallet will no be accepted